Who are we?

Moorbakes are a husband and wife team. Our fascination with cooking and baking started for both of us at a young age influenced strongly by our grandparents. We have been baking commercially since 2010. We initially started out as a hobby business, a bit of therapy after long days in the corporate world. In 2012 we were asked to do an afternoon tea for 100 wedding guests and it’s been all go since then!

Gordon remained fascinated with sourdough bread after first tasting it in the early 1990’s in California, when working there building supercomputers, and in recent years started his own sourdough culture and made the breads part of the catering menu.

In 2013 when The Seed opened in Buckfastleigh, we took some of our sourdough breads along to their opening day and shortly after we were asked to supply bread on a daily basis. They started with 2-3 loaves a day baked in our domestic oven and over time this has increased to nearly 2 dozen daily with additional cakes, buns, croissants and other bakery goodness. We have now moved out of the domestic kitchen into a small commercial kitchen, still in our home.

We specialise in supplying small local shops, often community run, or places where craft/artisan bread would be otherwise unavailable. Wherever possible we aim to deliver within 5 miles of our home when the bread is still warm on delivery.

Gordon concentrates on the daily bakery and patisserie side of the business, while Rachel helps with the savoury and planning side of things especially for outside catering and bigger events.