STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – what’s that got to do with baking, I hear you ask?

Well why not – There’s some science in making bread and cakes – a little chemistry (or biology!) in explaining how yeast works – heat transfer and baking, although it needn’t be all numbers and figures – just doing something practical can be very educational as well as fun – for example building a wood fired pizza oven – perfect for school gala days or al-fresco lunches…

So – with that in-mind, Gordon the Moorbakes baker is also a STEMnet ambassador with full DBS certificate and all that goes with it, and while his main skills there are IT/Programming, Raspberry Pi’s and other computer stuff, if you are interesting in learning about baking bread in your school, then do get in-touch! Simple bread making demonstrations can be arranged, although we do need about 3 hours and access to an oven and  a sink, so morning activity followed by an afternoon one might work out well.