Introduction to Sourdough

If you’ve ever wondered about naturally leavened or sourdough breads then wonder no-more! This short course will introduce you to using and preparing sourdough and making bread with it. A good sourdough takes time to rise, so some preparation will be done by us beforehand, but at the end of the session, you’ll go home with several different loaves and some of our own sourdough starter so you can keep it going and continue to make your own.

As with the basic bread course, we will talk about flours and provenance, then get our hands covered in flour and make some bread. You will practice kneading and shaping and you’ll go home with recipe, hits/tips sheets and 3-4 loaves of different types of freshly baked bread, so make sure you have either a very hungry family or plenty of freezer space and bring a big basket.

Note that a proper sourdough would not contain commercial yeast, but depending on the times and temperatures we may add a little bit of an organic yeast to speed things up, but you will learn about timings and procedures on the day. The Moorbakes sourdough loaves that we sell take about 12 hours from flour to shop-ready and that’s really a little too long for a day-course. If you want to do the full thing from start to finish, then look at our microbakery experience days…