Afternoon Tea for the Buckfastleigh New Plan Consultation

We were asked to provide an afternoon tea for the local town plan consultation day (well the first of several I understand!)

bflconsSo this is about a third of what was made – topped up several times during the afternoon. It was a rather busy day, but fortunately spread over several hours.

  • Cheese Scones – With North Devon extra strong cheddar.
  • Scones with local (Scoriton) clotted cream and strawberry jam (jam on-top, of-course!)
  • Chocolate cake made with marmalade
  • lemon drizzle cake
  • Buckfastleigh apple cake
  • carrot cake
  • gluten-free banana cake
  • sandwiches made with north Devon cheddar, Bovey tracey ham, and egg mayonaise.

Add in gallons of tea and coffee to wash it all down with and it was a great afternoon.