Half term…time for sweeties!

It’s half term this week, which in Devon means lots of visitors! Often our guests are families and ones that want to enjoy themselves, forget diets and find something of how they imagine England was 50 years ago!

Enter Moorbakes…..

For the holidays we have designed some special cupcakes; chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream loaded with sweeties….enjoy the cakes and your time in this beautiful part of the country!

Cupids cupcakes

Valentines day is always a bit of a bother!

I want to make a fuss and be made a fuss of, but don’t want to go overboard…after all I am normally still reeling from Christmas and New Year. Cupcakes seem a pretty good compromise; sweet, luscious and pretty, unique and not hideously expensive.

For Valentines Day 2011 Moorbakes are planning red velvet cupcakes with vanilla buttercream decorated with hearts and flowers.

1. You can risk it and hope you are one of the lucky customers who gets to Gifted early enough to buy your cupcakes from February 10th.

2. Order in advance. If you live in the Buckfastleigh area you can order a box of 4 Valentines cupcakes and collect them from Gifted on Saturday 11th February. We must have orders by Wednesday 9th February, to ensure we are able to create your special cupcakes. You can order using the website, email or though Lucy. A box of 4 cakes, pre ordered is £5.50.

We look forward to hearing from you!